The Golf Club Holder Every Golfer Needs!

Did you Realize...

that you will carry 2 to 3 clubs from your golf cart to the green, 14 out of 18 holes? While you are hitting, where are the other clubs? Laying on the ground? Or, on a towel, when you remember to bring one? Your clubs then get wet, dirty and even lost. That's when The Greens Caddy golf club holder helps, by...

The Greens Caddy

Keeping Grips Dry

The Greens Caddy keeps your clubs off the wet grass.

The Greens Caddy

Keeping Track of Clubs

The Greens Caddy keeps your clubs in one place, assuring you don't leave one behind.

The Greens Caddy

Keeping Hands Clean

The Greens Caddy includes a towel to keep hands and ball clean.


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The Greens Caddy

Benefits of The Greens Caddy:

  • Keep your grips dry
  • Hangs on outside of golf bag
  • Easy access to the right club on the green
  • Don't lose a club again
  • Keep your hands/glove clean
  • Play quicker rounds
  • Reduce back strain
  • Disassembles quickly and easily
  • Conveniently stores in golf bag
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